Welcome to Keep It Simple Sustainable (KISS)

Who We Are

We're KISS - a pioneering corporation committed to making the digital world more eco-friendly. We're creating simple, sustainable solutions that transform how we think about technology and its impact on our planet.

Our Vision

Our goal is to bring sustainability to the forefront of the tech industry. We believe that the digital world and the natural world can coexist harmoniously, and we're developing the tools to make that a reality.

Our Project

We're building a tool that measures the carbon impact of software - right from the initial stages of development. This means engineers can see the environmental footprint of their code before it ever goes live, helping them make more eco-friendly design choices.

Why It Matters

Just like physical waste, digital waste has an impact on our environment. By tracking and reducing the carbon footprint of software, we can make a significant contribution to waste reduction, leading to a cleaner, greener planet.

Stay Informed

Want to know more? We're here to help. For more information or inquiries, please Email us.